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Podburry's Guide to Anime

2009-04-03 04:47:36 by Podburrys

For Max's AWESOME FUCKING SIGS, one News Post back plz.

For everyone else, I've decided to give my interpretation of various anime series out there as I am a major fan of anime, and for some unspecified reason, am curious as to your own opions on various series. These are based on what I've seen, and what I recall, so if I make a mistake, please correct me.



- Cowboy Bebop
This series is a classic; it is the holy grail of anime despite what Genesis fans say. Set in a future where man-kind mostly lives offworld in planet colonies, the story follows the crew of a bounty hunting ship over a wonderful 25 episodes of drama, comedy, well-executed slap-stick, tense fight scenes and over-all AWESOME. Seriously; memorable cast, a classic and interesting plot, and set in a reality that actually makes you care about the characters as opposed to pissing time away til the download's done. If you like anime and haven't seen this, stop reading this and find a copy to watch NOW.

- Evengelion Neon Genesis
It's also fantastic, and as stated, arguably fighting with CB for 1st place. Whilst I did love the fight scenes, and throughly enjoyed the psychological aspects of the plot (it's very well done), I was dissapointed in the ending. I know this isn't the first time someone's said it, still feels rushed. I felt the series could have milked more and gone further, perhaps even with character development dare I say, despite the complexities that do satisfy a fan. It's an excellent series, and I certainly recomend you watch it. Be forewarned the ending may leave you yearning for more than Guts ever did though.

- Akira
The best One-Shot movie ever made; set in a future where Tokyo has been destoried and rebuilt, follow the story of a certain Japanese biker as he goes from saving his girl to city destroying blob. ;) It had a fairly entertaining plot, good cast, and the animation was ground breaking at the time. I just can't recall too much at the moment...A classsic and you probably have seen it by now anyway.

- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
MI-MI-MIKURU BEEEEAAM! Certainly the best comedy series I've ever seen, and whilst it IS set in a Japanese High School, I assure you this is no silly little romance pappery. You can watch this and keep your testosterone firmly in check. Focused mostly on humor, but intertwined with moments of drama and even epic fight scenes, this series is fantastic entertainment so long as you ignore Haruhi's spastic advice and look up the CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER in which to watch it. Features God Complex and Fantasy themes, but surprisingly well done; for God Complex, think Lunar Silver Star Story as a refference.

- Wolf's Rain
I love wolves, and these are no different. This isn't a 'aw, I like it so promotion' bit so don't worry; the people who made CB also worked on this little diddy. Similar in animation style to it's CB cousin, the series also shares the genetic markers of an intriguing plot, likeable cast and similar serious undertones with short spurts of comedy. The plot essentially revolves around four wolves searching for Paradise as the world slowly freezes to death, with a wealthy upper class manipulating the populace and trying to prevent the Earth's salvation for thier own reasons.

- Hellsing
One word: Alucard - BACKWARDS. Although I'm only vouching for the 13 episode series, which I believe has been followed up by two others, it has very lovely fight scenes featuring gore that might make the producers of Elfin Lied blush. Although I personally believe it light on the plot, it does have enough relationship development between Integra, Victoria and Alucard to satisfy those who need more than epic gun vs. sowrd/zombie fighting needs. Otherwise a good little Vampire romp.

- Deathnote
HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. FANTASTIC plot development, deep seeded psychological analysis of our society and a good cast experiencing a unique concept. One day, a young student by the name of Yagami Light finds a book that quint essentially allows him to kill whoever he wants. Our hero decides he wants to be a psychopath and become the god of Judgement. Highlights: Ryuk with Apples, Light wiping his memory and thinking there's no way he could ever kill people. WATCH NAO.


- Samurai Champloo
Something I need to get around to seeing, and here atm soley on others opinions and the fact it was made by the people who graced us with Cowboy Bebop. Stay tuned for a better look.

- Full Metal Alchemist
I debated wether to put this here, or the category above. I chose here because, whilst it is worthy of the spot above, there ARE episodes that you wish weren't there. Not Naruto-style fillers, but...I recall one episode where the character Lust pretty much had her history summed up in a returning-to-hometown-then-killing-the m-all episode. However, it is not ALL like that. As a longer series, FMA feels too short still - it has excellent plot, the Alchemy provides great action, and you do feel for Ed and Al.

- Black Cat
Whilst the cliche of stoic over-powered girl and powerful yet silent/angsty young man formerly-part-of-a-shadow-group stereotypes are present, the characters of Sven and to a lesser extent, Saya, make this something a little bit more than it would have been originally. Sven essentially tries to make them a make-shift family of sorts, and as the characters bond comming from thier contrasting backgrounds, it does work and make the climaxing arc of the series seem believable. Saya is also a good motivator for Train (I know...) to change, especially considering she was kept only to him and never introduced to the main group. Along with a decent plot and skilled fight scenes, this is a show that is definatly a wonderful experience that most fans should enjoy, especially those who like thier anime a tad less One Piece and a little more Cowboy in the delievery of humor.

- Bleach
Belach. What can't I say? Very nicely done fights, a decent plot with fairly good character development and LITTLE filler, sans the recent episodes which dissapointed me. Bleach is a show named for the fact that Ichigo, with his wild Substitue Shinigami ways, will eventually dissolve the colours seperating all the opposing factions and make them better understand eachother and redeem themselves, most likley by slicing them inhalf whilst the girl with huge tits shields and oogles him. It's better than I make out, as it does slowly do charatcer development the way all lengthy anime should. The people give thier conceptions away but reamin who they are still. Definatly a must see for those who wish there was a longer, entertaining anime that wasn't absolute shit like, say, Naruto or One Piece of Crap.

- Kenshin
Whilst I don't recall this as well as I should, for a somewhat older anime it has a decent plot and cast. Although you're mainly here to see Kenshin go batshit, the plot is a nice distraction if you care enough to follow it and it's sometimes wild spirals. It is however a good series, and there IS a reason there was a prequel series made for it. Check it out if you have the time.

- InuYasha
A VERY classic anime, InuYasha is probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks about Fantasy based anime. About 1000 episodes long (or so it feels), this series was primarily based in Fuedal Japan with heavy fantasy themes and romance subtext amongst fights and one shot filler episodes. There is an over-arching plot, but let me warn you; like with Berserk, the production company here too ran out of money, but at least these people *tried* to tie something up with a final episode. A good watch if you like letting yourself float away into a mystical world where the plot sometimes oozes with cheese and pop culture.

- Trigun
What would Cowboy Bebop be like if there was almost no space element, the humor was more overt and lacked a bit of CB's vision? The answer is Trigun. A nice little romp on the prairie where the bullets fly free and bounty hunting is a way of life. An older animation style, the characters are still enjoyable despite the sometimes awkward humour insertions but like a good cheese, it gets better as it goes along. The plot expands into a decent watch, and you actually feel sorry for some of those you laughed with only a few episodes earlier. A good watch with a steady continuing plot, which is a good change from filler series. Also, gun fights are near Hellsing levels, which is always a plus.

- Any of the Gundam Series
Seriously, I've yet to see anything wrong with them. Seed is a definite favourite, and I'm running out of text space ;)

- Black Lagoon
Actually, this should really be in the section above. Following a small group based in South East Asia, this has the best relationship development I've EVER seen in a series and is a great outlook on human life. Excellent fight scenes and subtle, well played dry humour, this show really is a much watch. I do caution though there are times the series gets a little *too* real, despite the fact there's an arc with a battle maid. Whilst it is a journey and a suggested watch, there are monets where you deeply connect with Rock - the most heart wrenching is perhaps the final moments of Season Two, but that may just be my opinion.

- Most Anime One Shot Movies prior 1995
Before this year, anime HAD to be something special to see. It is before this we see classics such as My Neighbour Tottoro, Porco Rosso, Flight of the Fireflies...true classics that briefly touch our hearts but leave a mark we'll carry for long after. I feel in recent years true classics are nonexistant, and we move from this work to guns, tits and lack of thought. Few are executed well now when then, all were.

Pretty average/unispired works
- AirGear
Uber-cool Skateboarding, but with Rollerblades and the delusions that skating a certain way gives you mystical powers. Read: Drugs and rollerbladers being taken too seriously. Also mostly a running hentai film the amont of times ALL the cast go nude.

- One Piece
Monkey D. Luffy. I wanted to punch him out first I saw his goofy face, but I gave the series a chance. BIG mistake. A never ending plot only slightly better than Naruto if only because there are pirates, but acctually worse as the characters aren't too likeable and and the plot is moronic (also lack of real fighting).

- Lucky Star
It's like Melancholy, but entirely unlikeable with a chibified cast trying to piss everyone off. Oh wait, it's not like Haruhi as this show lacks any thread of coherance or anything decent whatsoever. It's the embodyment of a 15 year old fan girl as an anime with the life plot of one too; STAY THE HELL AWAY IF YOU CAN.

- Sailor Moon
Cheesy but still a classic; this at least has the decency to tie almost everything up that occurs in an ep, whilst giving a continuing plot so you don't feel like you're watching some sad girl's life. Well, that WOULD also be the case if she wasn't a super hero Princess with other princesses from different planets. They fight evil by moonlight; not a bad series, but heavy on squees and romance. I did like the english voice of Luna though :3

- Dragon Ball Series, if only due to it being so damn drawn out
Cheesy, elongated but...a classic. You should probably watch this to see what happens when someone drags what could have been a great 70 ep series into 3 giant strings. It IS alright, with alright fights, but this is not the place to use your brain. Classic, still.

- Fooly Cooly
I have never seen this (at least not yet) but my impression is that this is a rubbishy Hugh School Drama with a shitty name that makes you want to strangle kittens/Bob Geldof. Watch with caution, but it's always good to try new things.

Horrible Shows obviously creaded to milk audiences/'Fanime'
- Pokemon
I caught them all, then they just made MORE. You can never win, and Ash has yet to realise that. Infact, it's debatable if he's aware those who travel with him actually change along the 8 or so painful filler episodes. Based on a game that was fun, turned into a deck of cards and shoved down everyone's throught. Hasn't been the same since Misty and Brock's more PG.

- Digimon
Like Pokemon, but without the Pokeballs. It's a decent series, if you like SIMPLE things, and has a continuing plot until the end of the second season from which they go Power Rangers on us. Alternate universes, Digimon that are pretty much ANYTHING and desperate reaches for ideas to keep it all going. Maybe watch the first two to find out something you wondered about as a kid, or to reminisce, but the others? GOOD GOD NO BURN IT.

- Cardcaptors
Based on the growing Japanese trend of playing cards, turned into a show all the little girls could love, then shipped to America and 4Kids to the EXTREME. Not really great, and filled with plot holes no one ever cares to explain; ironically didn't have cards to go with this one.

- Yu-Gi-Oh
This one however did. I watched this, and understood it...for the first 3 seasons. Then more characters get introduced in a lame attempt to keep people interested and annoy/confuse everyone. Rediculous plot, plot holes due to translation errors and gave us a less likeable Pokemon with a wierd arm cast thing to launch cards spastically from. Not too crash hot, really.

- Most Anime One Shot Movies after 1995
Think about it. Besides the occasional Girl who Leapt Through Time, or Sprited Away, where are the classic touches? Certainly not in most of the run-of-the-mill pap comming from Japan in one-shot form these days. They're trying to cater to audiences as opposed to telling tales, and when something does that, we end up with Snakes on a Plane instead of Casablanca.

- Naruto Shippuden
Gary. Motherfucking. Stu. Naruto is the BIGGEST Mary ever to grace a series lasting more than 13 eps. Think about it; a show based entirely around a kid who no-one likes, yet is never put down sans Sakura, who magically changes everyone he meets and has everyone lick his boots. Watch Kakashi, watch Sakura, watch bloody GAARA. Everyones live revolves around him and what could be fantastic characters are delegated more backgroundy roles so we focus on a young man who's somehow still alive with a big ass demon inside him (Gary Stu strike 1000000: Unlimited Power without it being earned) and we care very little for. For 17 year olds in this series, he's remarkably imature and some of the character's perceptions of reality piss you off (read: Hinata). Any episode with Akamaru or Choji is an episode you cry in. EVERY episode with Naruto is an episode wasted of what could be so much better; mis-casting to the EXTREME. I HATE this show. Nuff said. Also, first Naruto? DID NOT HAPPEN. TOO FUCKING STUPID. So much to say with hatred ketskgmdsklgmksetg On the plus side, most of the cast are actually decent. Espeically Hinata and Kiba, rawr. ;)

On an an end note - STOP! MORMON TIME!

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Podburry's Guide to Anime


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2009-04-04 04:23:32

well i dont have any problems with what you picked for the excellent list, cuz there all great.

i am rather sad to see naruto at the bottom though. but ive gotten used to the fact that a lot of people hate it, even if i cant feel why.

anyway, whats your thoughts on FLCL?

Podburrys responds:

"Naota's life is confined to going to school and living with his father and grandfather. The usually boring life in Mabase is rudely interrupted by the arrival of Haruko Haruhara, who bursts on the scene by running Naota over with her Vespa scooter and hitting him on the head with a blue vintage Rickenbacker 4001 left-handed electric bass guitar.[1][2] Later, Naota is shocked to find Haruko working in his house as a live-in maid.

Haruko's search for the alien being Atomsk puts her at odds with Medical Mechanica. At the same time, Naota is being watched by Commander Amarao. The Commander believes Haruko is in love with Atomsk and Medical Mechanica is out to conquer the galaxy. The fortuitous circumstances get Naota involved in a three-way battle between Haruko, Amarao and Medical Mechanica."

Although I haven't seen it, sounds like a much less funny Haruhi without any of the likeability. The show is called Fooly Cooly ffs. :/ I may be wrong, but that's my impression. I might look up an ep or delve into the series more, but for now, on the average list.


2009-04-04 11:42:51

Jamie's Guide to Anime:


Even though I did find Inuyasha good when I was younger.

Podburrys responds:

Don't be a hater yo! Fo' Shizzle


2009-04-04 13:07:22

Death note is my favorite anime. Also cardcaptors milked? Funny I never saw that one.

Podburrys responds:

DeathNote is awesome my foxy friend, but yes, CC is Fanime. I put this here as opposed to Sailor Moon because, as cheesy as it was, it did have sparks of originality, where as this...this has been ENTIRELY adapated to American audiences and even the original version wasn't any good. It was milking the emerging card game market at the time in Japan, and the stereotype of a little girl getting uber, it lacks all originality. At least Sailor Moon pulled random shit out of it's ass to compensate, hence the higher elevation on the charts. This was several seasons of the same thing.


2009-04-05 06:06:35

wut about DBZ!

Podburrys responds:

See Dragon Ball series; that's meant to encompass Dragon Ball to GT, although DBZ was the best out of them in my opinion. I did like Dragon Ball's traditional Monkey Magic fantasy theme better than aliens all the time sorta seems like an afterthought to make another continuation thinking on it.


2009-04-05 20:22:56

All anime is gay.


Podburrys responds:

Indeed, that is the end of the comment. How lovely for you to bother stating an opinion where most people won't a) share it or b) give a flying shit. Gold Star for wasted opinion, YAY!


2009-04-07 17:44:46

like i care what your opinion of anime is ahahahhahahahha

Podburrys responds:

You're 13; almost anything you say is irrelevant. HAHAHAHAHA


2009-04-11 10:35:36

Oh God I love Cowboy Bebop

Podburrys responds:

How could you NOT? Teh best Animeh EVAR!!!1one


2009-04-15 23:02:16

just wanted you to know anime is still pretty gay

Podburrys responds:

Well, I suppose considering I do like Male Anoos


2009-04-17 15:46:13

I hope you didnt expect me to read all that.... :P

Podburrys responds:

So long as you read the first paragraph and assumed to rest to be pure awesome, all good! :3


2009-04-28 01:41:30

I agree with you with most of this. However anime IS animation though. Cartoons aren't bad some shit is really good like Ed,Edd,Eddy and Courage!

Podburrys responds:

When I think of Cartoons, I don't think of stuff from our childhood. I think of the shit nowadays. That is pathetic. Although a good anime pwns a cartoon in the butthole.


2009-05-01 19:49:00

I noticed you have Akira up there. Fucking awesome. I saw that around two years ago and it was pretty awesome. It took me a while to really get past all the gorey violence and actually understand what was happening, but I think it was a pretty awesome movie.

I think that you should put Afro Samurai up on on the list, it's pretty awesome. I think it's perhaps my favorite of all anime, I just hate it's only 5 episodes. I think that it's basically a bloodier, and more action packed version of samurai champloo.

I haven't really seen the blackcat anime series, although I have read the manga and it's ppretty awesome. I think that if the show can level up to the manga, I will have something nice to watch. Well thanks for the little list, I'm sure I'll have a lot to watch when I get bored :D

Podburrys responds:

Good shows, all worth looking into. The Anime of Black Cat also has an end plot the manga didn't do, so all good!


2009-05-09 03:00:42

and to that comment you left one my bbs thread,there's only one thing left unsaid,and that is i look like your sloppy ass of a mum and no one,except you have to be responsible for the way i fucking look. quit your bitchy preaches,they mkae no sense,it's like your mum wanting to take a piss but in the end,she takes a shit instead of a piss. dumbfuck.

Podburrys responds:

Go have more Ale before the preacher calls you to church. :)


2009-05-09 12:04:19

Great guide. As someone who is fairly new to Anime ( Started watching it about halfway through 2008 ) I found it very helpful, and it inspired me to check out The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Akira. I probobly would have put Lucky Star higher on the list, but that is just my opinion. You also get bonus points for putting my favorite Anime (Deathnote) so high. Once again, great guide.

Podburrys responds:

Glad you found it useful! If you come across any series you like, suggest it and I'll get around to having a look at it.


2009-05-15 01:31:29

Oh yes If you hate Lucky star just put it on horrible and Naruto isn't that bad! Hell I hate the show too but still!

Podburrys responds:

I only hate Naruto BECAUSE of Naruto. As for Lucky Star, you're probabaly right in all honesty. I only laughed once, and that was when I started watching.


2009-05-15 19:09:25

I Find Sasuke to be the (slightly) bigger problem. Naruto can be a marty sue (particularly the godmode one) but Sasuke is wangsted over A LOT. I find Symphathy Sues and Stu's much more agrevating than godmode ones. WHatever it would be a alright show if those two are removed.

Podburrys responds:

Sasuke's definatly annoying, but consider this: If Naruto wasn't around, would Sasuke perhaps not of left Konoha and become the biggest Emo since Vincent Valentine?


2009-05-19 11:46:31

I'm not too big on anime much, but I'll use this guide as a reference, and maybe find some series on my own that I think I'll find enjoyable. ^_^

Podburrys responds:

If you do, suggest them! :P


2009-05-21 06:42:00

i disagree with some of these but i thank you for sharing my views on naruto ^,..,^

Podburrys responds:

Anyone who likes the show and doesn't mind the character of the same name is retarded or some stupid fan girl squeeing herself to death over how 'kawaii' it is. The show would be watchable without Naruto. Cheers for the response.


2009-05-21 09:36:36

well...go suck my clit,you bastard son.

Podburrys responds:



2009-05-23 12:22:28

Shut uuuuup. I don't agree with more than half of that list. I can see you're only rating well the serious animes, and that you're not a big fan of stories with lots of comedy. But that's not a reason to rate them badly you cocksucker. Criticism is all about opinions, but you don't have to do it so obviously. >:(

You're still cool though.

Podburrys responds:

Well, I like anime that have a bit of depth to them as opposed to things like Kiki's Delivery Service or that. And I do like comedy, but I'm sort of picky. :P

Cheers, you too. <3


2009-05-25 22:14:39

Deathnote was pretty cool, though some of the scenes were slightly overdramatic
and it almost slided off around after the 20th episode (not going to give spoilers though.)

And why don't you liek star trecz movieh? I sort of liked it.
But I guess I didn't watch shit of the original trilogy.

Podburrys responds:

Original Trilogy..? You mean the TOS films or something? I hated The original Series too lol. I guess it was an alright movie, besides the pace and the unwatchable outdoor scenes, but it wasn't a Star Trek movie. It's trying to hard to appeal to mainstream and be another Star Wars. Which Star Trek is not.

I do agree with Deathnote, but despite it's dramatic tendencies, it was a very well done show that delt heavily with the inner working of the human mind. It's not an anime you see often in a sea of chibi and one-shot bullshit.


2009-05-25 22:26:07

The plot in Naruto is really lame and Over-emotional with more flashbacks than a World War II documentary.

Podburrys responds:

Naruto plain sucked. Thinking back, they'd have to get rid of Sakura and Sauske as well to realistically save it's integrity.

Good seeing you again though Demon. <3


2009-05-27 05:21:30

About our argument on the faggot thread:

How are all gays NOT hand flopping pixies? Every gay I've met talks looks and acts like every other queer, and don't say I haven't seen many because I see hundreds.

I'm not far from Montreal.

(Updated ) Podburrys responds:

I'll give you a comment on your page, and if you have no blog, I'll PM it. You're more likly to see it then.


2009-05-28 12:40:34

okay so you proved me wrong on that one. now that ithink of it theres some pretty tank queers out there. but they all have the accent dont they.

Podburrys responds:

Nope. As I said on your User Page.


2009-05-28 15:21:52

Hmm.. I believe that if you had seen Samurai Champloo it would be higher up on the list. It is easily one of my favorite anime's, simply because the animation is so smooth, and it has some of the best fight scenes i've ever seen in an anime.
Also, i'm a fan of Air Gear. There's no doubt that it's mediocre, but it's still not bad.

Podburrys responds:

Air gear shits me because it takes itself too seriously - they're rollerblading, and they pretend they're rebels with powers. Besides that, it's essentially a hentai with how often ALL the characters go nude for no real reason. That said, it is mildly amusing and that's why it isn't with Naruto.

I keep hearing about Samurai Champloo; I gotta see it now. >_<


2009-05-31 19:34:26

Watch Samurai Champoloo DAMNIT! Oh and Sasuke got all emo over his brother killing his family and mind fucking him. Atleast it's somewhat reasonable even though Gaara did better and had a lot more shit for him then most of the characters last time I saw it.

Podburrys responds:

And then Sauske goes all emo again after learning his brother did it on the Third's orders. No, not twice. NO.

Also, I've yet to see Champloo still and I've lent my Wolf's Rain out too. I'm like, almost out of decent anime! :'(


2009-06-01 20:43:36

I really don't care at that point. I gave up on it. I'm done son.

Podburrys responds:

Good lad. Naruto is set to become InuYasha, except entirely unlikeable.


2009-06-03 02:48:58

Indeed. Inuyasha had Some redeeming qualities all the problems was that Naraku is a goddamn villian sue.

Podburrys responds:

They're ALL sues of somesort, except for maybe five out of ALL the cast.


2009-06-04 19:33:24

Not really I only see about...erm...4 of em. Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo and Naraku. Everyone else atleast has one weakness. It's fucking repetitive anyways.

Podburrys responds:





2009-06-07 07:42:01

Or we could just say that all anime sucks and get on with our lives. :D

Podburrys responds:



2009-06-27 02:45:41

You should watch Samurai 7, even though it's not really known amongst most anime fans. Seriously, I couldn't find a single flaw in that series, it's just that good. Also, it's a nice representation on one of Akira Kurosawa's better works.

Podburrys responds:

I'll have to look into it.


2009-07-16 21:52:04

I remember that Adult swim real. So hilarous =D

Podburrys responds:



2009-08-16 06:41:19

Great list, you break it down nicely. I have never seen Haruhi so i cant compare the two but FLCL is one of my favs, good depth and morals in it behind all of the innuendoes. Only 6 episodes though :(
Some of my favorites.
Paranoia Agent.
Yu yu hashuko.
Cased closed Detective Conan.
Princess Mononoke, SEE IT!
But you got my Absolute favorite you already listed!!! Neon Genesis Evengelion. Yeah the shows ending was pretty flimsy but the movies fix that.


2009-08-22 23:46:46

Death note is the best thing i've ever seen, whats the best anime similar to it?


2009-08-30 09:16:00

Ewww, Death Note. I stopped watching it after it turned into the anime version of Cops.

Also, you're missing Higurashi no Naku Koro ni like LoverOfTehBush said, and Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro.